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Voice design, copywriting, and UX writing



Let's take a closer look:

Pocoz is a white-label SaaS platform that connects your organization with large communities to jointly achieve your goals.


How it started

The team at Pocoz was designing a unique, state-of-the-art platform for community collaboration. Their goal was to make our world better by helping organizations and governments work with their communities. But for that to happen, they needed to mobilize them with the perfect public participation platform (alliteration not intentional, but welcome).

What we did

I set out to create a unique voice for the Pocoz brand. Since Pocoz was an Israeli company at heart, its Hebrew brand voice was designed to resonate with Israeli users: Casual, informal, and direct.

I created a voice guideline document, outlining everything from core values and user personas to clear, actionable writing instructions.

And then?

The content in the voice document served as a starting point for all of Pocoz's UX and marketing content, and pieces of it even made it into the website. We then adapted that voice to English, as well, to make sure Pocoz is able to offer its unique product worldwide. Thanks to these efforts, today Pocoz has a distinct online presence in both English and Hebrew.

Looks good?


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