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Hi! I'm Michal.

I've been swimming in translation waters for the past 10+ years.

After freelancing and managing my own translation agency, I realized the system is flawed. Clients (that's you) get none of the control or responsibility for localization.

I set out to change that by giving companies the tools to own the process and take back control over their results.

But really, this is not about me. It's about you and your localization efforts. Jump back to the site to learn more about how you can make your localization results shine.

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Messy localization process? It's not your fault - it's the system. But it's fixable. Overhaul your workflow and get localized content that truly shines, in any language.

Is this you?

You're sending texts out for translation, hoping for the best. You know something's off. How can you tell if the results are good, when you can't even speak the language?

You're right.

Stop spending money on bad translations.

All that effort you put into your branding, just to get bland, watery texts that do you no good... It's painful, really. You can do better. You can get translations that sound like your brand.

Want to know how?

Here's the truth no one is telling you:

If you don't do it, no one will.

You're the one who knows your brand.
You're the one who knows your audience, voice & personality.
You were there when the copy was written,
and you'll be there once the translation is implemented.
No external resource has that knowledge or access.

Getting your workflow on the right track is in your hands - and it'll be worth the effort.
Your brand voice, personality and values will be there in every language.
Your translations will be consistent, well-thought-out, and purely local.
You'll know for a fact you're getting good results, and what makes them good.
And you'll save lots of money and time in both the short and long term.

How much coffee

are we going to have while we tackle this?

Coffee Cup

Book me for a call

You get:
2 hours of targeted, practical advice to help you do localization the right way.

For example:
We can go over your current workflow to tweak and optimize it, or do a deeper review of one stage in your process.

Best for:
Short consultations with small teams


Coffee Pot

Book me for a day

You get:
A full day to dive deep into how you can make localization work for you.

For example:

We can give your localization workflow a makeover, or train your team on best practices and guidelines.

Best for:
Longer consultations with small teams


Coffee House

Book me for a program

You get:
A tailored 4-week program. including a weekly meeting and ongoing guidance.

For example:
We can completely revamp processes together with your team, or do a full training on doing localization right.

Best for:
Longer consultations with big teams


There's an e-book, too!

+it's free

Write briefs that translators actually read
❇︎ Been sending out snooze-worthy Word docs as briefs?
❇︎ Having a hard time deciding what information goes in?
❇︎ Not sending briefs at all? 🙀

It's time to change all that.

This 11 page e-book covers all you need to know to pick up your brief game and transform your translation results.

Tips, tricks and know-how based on 10+ years of industry knowledge in one neat, free PDF package! Type your info below to get the e-book.

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