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Copywriting, web design, and UX writing


Parent Scheduler

Let's take a closer look:

Parent Scheduler is an app created with the busy parents of today in mind. It helps parents and other caregivers stay on top of their kids' itineraries, carrying the mental load for them.


How it started

The creators of the Parent Scheduler reached out to me to help define their voice, write memorable copy, and design a performance-driven site to drive app downloads. They also asked me to write UX copy for the app itself based on the voice specs we wrote.

Thinking of my personal chaos monsters, I could immediately see the impact Parent Scheduler can have on parents' lives - and was happy to come on board.

What we did

I started by researching the target audience for the app - mostly parents of school-aged kids. Then, I created a detailed voice and brand specs document with the brand story, customer personas, voice guidelines, SWOTs, and more.

We wanted to ensure the app feels dependable, but not threatening or overwhelming. We adopted a playful-but-responsible voice to give potential users the sense that things are (finally!) under control.

Once we had the voice and brand personality nailed down, I proceeded to create the web and UX copy. Then, I designed a corresponding website to reflect the same values through color, illustrations, and typography.

The results

The brilliant creators of the Parent Scheduler launched the app and were able to drive enough downloads for a successful beta stage. Unfortunately, the Parent Scheduler didn't make it through the pandemic. But to this day it's still a project I'm proud to be a part of.

Looks good?


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