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Web design and asset production


Manor Medical

Let's take a closer look:

As a world-renowned fertility provider, Manor Medical helps create families with professional & ethical egg donation and surrogacy solutions.


How it started

After helping hundreds of couples in Israel become parents, Manor Medical made a decision to go global. They needed an all-new English website, tailored to their unique needs. This website would showcase their services and reinforce their position as a leading, high-quality provider.

As they were launching in several new markets, they needed a web creator that could collaborate closely with their ops, marketing, and sales teams - in Israel and globally. This would give them the flexibility they needed to test new ideas quickly, improve results and generate high-quality leads.

What we did

I designed and built several Webflow websites meant for specific markets and services. The team wrote most of the copy, but my copywriting abilities came in handy for ideation, proofreading, and general feedback. I also created a suite of supporting materials - informative booklets, videos, forms, and more as needed.

The result?

Thanks to Webflow's front-facing editor feature, the team at Manor Medical could add and change copy and images themselves. And when new pages or sections were needed, I was there to make it happen.

The new system was highly versatile, and allowed Manor Medical's marketing team to create targeted campaigns, reaching thousands of potential customers and generating valuable leads.

Looks good?


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