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Voice design, copywriting, and UX writing


Lime & Lou

Let's take a closer look:

Lime & Lou is a freshly-squeezed brand selling personalized art and home decor in the US. Customers can express themselves through unique wall hangings, textiles, murals, and more.


How it started

The team at Lime & Lou approached me to create a unique voice identity for the brand, and write matching copy and microcopy for their online channels.

They wanted Lime & Lou to have a fun, personalized, boutique-y vibe. And as a fan of art and home decor myself, I was especially excited to take this on.

What we did

I started with research and exploration calls, and used the data and information collected to create a detailed brand voice guide. This guide included the brand story, persona, brand voice specs, and so much more.

Once this was approved, I proceeded to write the copy and microcopy for the Lime & Lou eCommerce website. I worked to maintain a balance between the quirky, fresh voice we set for Lime & Lou, and the requirements and conventions of a traditional eCommerce experience. I wanted customers to easily navigate the website while still enjoying a memorable on-brand experience.

But that's not all...

After we were done with the site, I went on tow write any additional copy required. From marketing and transactional emails to blog posts and social media captions, I made sure the team had everything they needed to make Lime & Lou a well-known, loved brand.

The copy and messaging were all based off the original brand voice document created for the brand.

The results

The team has been doing a fantastic job, and Lime & Lou is now an established eCommerce home decor brand with a steadily growing following. Make sure to pop by if you want to give your home a unique, personalized twist!

Looks good?


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