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Copywriting and web design


LBS Launchpad

Let's take a closer look:

The London Business School Launchpad is a unique pre-accelerator program, helping London's brightest minds transform ideas into viable businesses.


How it started

Once the pandemic hit, the team at LBS Launchpad needed a website to take their activity online. From workshops to pitch nights, they wanted to be able to reach London's innovators even through lockdowns and social distancing. With a very short deadline in mind, they reached out to me to make it happen.

What we did

The Launchpad operating team at the LBS Entrepreneurship club was familiar with Wix, as they had a small self-made website already up and running. We decided to use their existing account to ensure they can easily maintain the website even after the work was done.

I redesigned the entire site and added several interactive sections for events, partners, testimonials, and more. Then, I wrote engaging, sophisticated copy to match the Launchpad's innovative spirit. From start to finish, this product took less than a month to complete.

The results

The LBS Launchpad's new website allowed them to stay active all through the pandemic, supporting entrepreneurship and empowering students to take initiative. The site reflected well on their activity, driving beneficial partnerships for the entrepreneurship club.

And when the next cohort arrived, the team was able to update the site on their own, adding new content and pages as needed.

Looks good?


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