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UX writing and copywriting


Israeli Insurance Authority

Let's take a closer look:

The Israeli Insurance Authority created a new platform for Israeli residents to get all the information about their current and available health insurance products.


How it all started

The Israeli Insurance Authority discovered that many Israeli residents have duplicate or even triple health insurance coverage in some areas. The insurance world is cumbersome everywhere, and residents were paying thousands of shekels a year on coverage they already had - either through the public healthcare system or through another insurance they were paying for.

To fix this, the Insurance Authority took on an ambitious project: Create a user-friendly platform where people can get detailed, accurate, approachable information on their coverage, as well as other coverage options available.

That's where I came in

The Israeli Authority worked with a world-class design and research company to create and develop their platform. To support the fantastic work they did, they approached me to create all UX and other content, and make this platform as accessible and approachable as possible.

The challenge

Creating insurance content that would make sense to everybody was a big endeavor. I had to constantly "translate" heavy-duty insurance jargon into everyday words, while balancing regulatory needs and legal requirements. I worked closely with the relevant team at the Israeli Insurance Authority to ensure the content we created was both accurate and clear, so that it would serve its purpose.

On top of UX copy for the platform, we created a public dictionary meant to shed light on the more common and cumbersome insurance terms, as well as various resources and information to help people make sense of their insurance.

Did it work?

Yes! Hundreds of thousands of Israelis used the system in its beta stage, with more joining every day. This inspiring project represents the essence of UX work for me, making critical information accessible for people who would not have had it otherwise. I am grateful and excited to be a part of it.

Looks good?


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